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“Amora by Grant Hallstrom is a historical fiction book set in the era of Early Christian persecution in Rome. It tells the story of a time when wrongdoers were fed to the lions in front of crowds as a form of entertainment. The story starts with the beautiful and extravagant wedding between Amora and Leo, the main characters. Like most weddings, it starts with great expectations of bliss and happiness ever after. However, with time, life’s difficulties catch up with them, which threatens their bond. For example, the birth of a crippled son forces Leo to begrudgingly choose between his wife’s happiness and his stand in society. In Amora’s attempts to escape the emptiness that becomes her life, she finds Christianity which seems to answer all her questions. However, it comes with great risk. How far will she push her husband?

The story in this book is drawn from the experiences of true characters who lived during that time. This fact makes the story more emotional and relatable. The book has a great lesson to teach about revenge and forgiveness. It centers around Christianity, its significance, and its effect on the lives of the characters. Many words of wisdom are shared in this novel that give a great perspective on life.

What I enjoyed most about this story were Amora and Leo’s characters. They were very intense and the storyline was so perfect that it kept me captivated throughout. I was also delighted in the many lessons entailed such as the explanations for forgiveness. I appreciated that the book was exceptionally well edited. I didn’t find any errors and this made my reading flawless.

I did not dislike anything about this book except that I felt that the roles of some of the characters were not exhausted. For example, Esteban, who was the centre of the story, was thrown aside and his stance was never properly defined, even to the end.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 because I found it satisfying and educative. Also, it was carefully written with no errors.”

5 out of 5 stars
by Stella Bereebera

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