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“Living entails experiencing a wide range of emotions and feelings, from happiness and being able to achieve your heart’s desire to challenges and hardships. It is never one way in life; however, it is all about our beliefs and our strength to persevere with an accepting heart and patience.

Amora is a historical novel written by Grant Hallstrom that was inspired by a letter written to the Roman Senate. The story takes place in Rome during a time when the majority of the population viewed Christianity as a cult.

The novel follows Amora’s life from her youth until she matures into a responsible, respected woman. Amora marries a respectable man and has children over the course of her life. However, oblivious to life and the difficulties that a person would face in such a society, Amora begins to see things differently, which leads to her wanting to explore new beliefs and learn more about Christianity, not fully aware of how that might affect her and her family but still desiring to learn more and find out if this religion could help her become a better person.

The main focus of the story is not only Amora’s life; it is also about forgiveness and striving to be better toward everyone in life, including those who have wronged us. I admire how the author worked through this novel, not only inspired by the letter but also by his own journey of forgiveness, which exemplifies what the story is about. Reading the book while fully aware of the writer’s experience made the experience very different for me. I found myself enjoying every aspect of the book, changing my perspective on forgiveness, and wanting to be able to forgive people in order to be free of all the toxic feelings that may still exist in my heart.

I also like how Amora’s experience extended to her family and how her efforts to forgive and become a better person were not in vain. Given her family’s experience of life’s challenges and their ability to find the right path as a result of her efforts, as well as following her steps toward a better life, a life free of grudges and hatred and full of forgiveness and patience.

There is definitely nothing I hate about this book, considering the variety of topics within the book and the fact that it is exceptionally edited since I found zero errors while reading it; therefore, I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars.

I recommend this novel to people who are interested in history, particularly the history of Roma, as well as to people who are struggling in life, particularly when it comes to forgiveness.”

5 out of 5 stars
by Roqaya ZQ

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