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“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was about the power of the Christian faith, inequality, a mothers unwavering love, grieving the lost of a child/spouse and parent while allowing yourself to be open to forgiving those who have wronged you. It was about your enemies disguising themselves as your dearest friends and how status shouldn’t prevent you from forming bonds with people. Although this book took place so long ago, it definitely depicts current day issues and injustices.

Amora starts out as an innocent teenage girl who marries a wide young man that adores her innocence . As she develops into a mother/woman, she starts to remove her rose colored glasses and see the world for what it really is rather than the fairytale that she was led to believe throughout her childhood. She becomes a strong and very influential woman that goes against societal norms and lives/dies on her terms.
Leo, her husband, is the compete opposite of her until the very end. He is so consumed with having status and the respect of certain upperclassmen that he turns his back on his wife, his disabled son and anyone that those men don’t approve of rather than using his own mind.

Esteban is dealt an enormous obstacle in life but with his mothers love and guidance, he develops the strength to overcome those obstacles and even finds someone that sees him for more than his disability. He battles feelings of resentment towards his father and asks how he is supposed to forgive him when he has rejected him since birth. His journey is a brave and powerful one to experience.
Maria and Antonio were destined to find one another and his undying love gave him the strength to become what he so desperately wanted to be. It was touch and go for him at times, but in the end, he always came out of it victorious.

The relationships between slaves and their masters were up and down throughout the entire book. You had some masters that built relationships with their slaves as if they were their extended family and other masters that were very empathetic and looked down on their slaves deeming them as unworthy of respect or humanity.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys time period reading.”

5 out of 5 stars
by Crystal Green 10

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