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“The intriguing historical fiction book Amora is based on the real life of the noblewoman who served as the inspiration for Justin Martyr’s plea to the Roman Senate. Grant Hallstrom’s book is an enthralling account of the persecution of Christians, and it provides a view of the Roman Empire at a period when emperors, gladiators, and the murder of Christians were commonplace. This book describes Amora’s life in second-century Rome, her marriage to Leo, as well as their difficulties, sufferings, and heartaches. Also described in this book is how Amora’s conversion to Christianity drastically altered her family life and how she found solace in raising her son and other kids.

The concept of forgiveness conveyed in this book is one thing I really appreciate. In this book, forgiveness is compared to the all-too-human need for vengeance. This book is a fantastic read to uplift your spirit in light of the current level of rage in our world. Hallstrom makes an effort to demonstrate to the reader how forgiveness brings about the greatest healing by using a personal tragedy. I was immensely engrossed in this book’s plot! Amora was a lovely woman who loved her family and friends dearly, especially her kids. I truly liked how the author described the emotions of the characters. Additionally, I found no errors at all when reading this book. This book’s editing was flawless.

There was nothing about this book that I disliked. If you are not interested in Christian theology, I wouldn’t advise reading this book because the first half was primarily a story and the second half, with the exception of Antonio’s perspective, was theology.

I rate this book five out of five stars. As a result of this book being flawless in every manner, I did not take away any stars. The message was well received by me. Being a Christian, I wasn’t affected in any way when reading this book. I am unsure about how non-Christians would respond to it, though. They’ll certainly enjoy the message of forgiveness, but I’m not sure about the Christian theology included in the book’s opening.

If you enjoy historical fictions and enjoy theology, definitely check this book out!”

5 out of 5 stars
by Didi Cole

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