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“Amora is an inspiring tale in medieval Rome about a courageous woman who held her ground and chose to fight for what she believed in despite the consequences. This was in the days of gladiators when Christianity was outlawed in Rome and anyone found practicing it was persecuted; they were either punished or killed. The story is set during the tenure of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and is based on a true life story. Get a copy of this inspiring novel by Grant Hallstrom to unravel Amora’s martyrdom story.

I loved the message of hope, healing, forgiveness, and love that the book conveys. This is a story in which people experience different kinds of hurt and pain, but somehow they all manage to triumph over these challenges to become better versions of themselves. I like this aspect of the book because it is so relatable to all of us—we’re all fighting some kind of battle or facing some type of hurdle in our individual journeys as we strive to grow. By reading Amora’s story, we can certainly obtain some insight and guidance on how to handle adversity and overcome obstacles in our paths.

I was immensely fascinated by Amora’s resilience, contentment, grace, and love, even (and especially) in the face of adversity. This act was truly awesome, and the fact that it made some non-Christians follow Amora’s path was a testament to the nobility of her act. Something else that I adored was the bond between the slave Maria and the infant Marcus; it was special and truly heart-warming. This and the sense of brotherhood, love, support, and fellowship among the Christians were true things of beauty, and it was such a delight to read about them. The way they never repaid evil with evil but instead chose to showcase love and hospitality was awesome, and many people can learn from it and emulate the same.

Through Leo’s story, we are taught to be considerate and stand by our loved ones through thick and thin. We (all of us, but especially parents) are told we should learn to accept and love people as they are, disabled or not. We are similarly shown the importance of accepting our realities instead of living in denial, as doing the latter only ruins other aspects of our lives that we are not even aware of.

I disliked nothing about this book. There were fewer than five errors, so the book was professionally edited. This is an inspiring story, and I greatly enjoyed the author’s prowess in describing the battle scenes and painting vivid pictures of events and scenes in readers’ minds. But above all, I loved the message of forgiveness, healing, and compassion that this story offers.

It is because of all these reasons that I rate this novel 5 out of 5 stars. This book is perfect for anyone who might have experienced some form of hurt or pain and is seeking to heal and move on. It is perfectly suited for readers who love historical fiction and ancient war stories.”

5 out of 5 stars
by Blackstenius

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