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“With its complexity and contrast, Grant Hallstrom’s Amora brings our attention to the world of ancient Rome. There, he tackles the perennial conflicts between forgiveness and vengeance, hope and despair, and loss and redemption. Amora begins as the story of a wealthy Roman wife who is transformed by compassion and ultimately comes to have a firm trust in God. The story continues to explore the ripple effects her unwavering commitment has on both those close to her and those who are unaffected by it. Amora observes her son’s transition into adulthood and her husband’s quest for knowledge in particular, even though these journeys take years to complete.

Amora is a work of historical fiction that incorporates aspects of Christianity into its design. It is comprehensive and includes historical people who shed light on Roman life at the time. It also highlights how God uses tragedy to his advantage. The historical occurrences on which this tale is based.

Based on a factual story, the author creates a thoroughly researched work of historical fiction that will enthrall readers right away. You never know what will happen on the next page because of the book’s constant action and suspense. A flawlessly written and edited book is undoubtedly one to read. It demonstrates the significance of religion in our lives. This novel is about love, forgiveness, family, friends, faith, and difficulties. A definite must-read.

The characters were well-developed, and I like how much attention the author paid to the specifics of life in a Roman noble family at the time, especially the status of Roman women. A fascinating study on the history of Christianity in the late Roman Empire, including how it developed and how the Senate and the emperor of the time perceived it.

The situation around Esteban’s growth is the only thing I would alter. In the later chapters, I was still picturing him as a toddler rather than a teenager, and I thought some situations needed more in-depth explanations, but overall, I thought it was an excellent read.

Due to the aforementioned issues plus a few instances of profanity, I gave this book a 4 out of 5 star rating. Apart from that, it was an enjoyable book with a strong plot.

I urge all Christians, especially those who are battling to maintain their faith, to read this book. The Christian community will read it with great impact.”

4 out of 5 stars
by Jacob Mamman

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