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“I enjoyed reading this historical fiction book based during the time frame of Marcus Aurelius as Caesar in Rome. The story follows amora, from when she is a teenager through her married life and beyond. It weaves historical fact and real characters from documented history with the fictional part, which I really enjoyed. I appreciated how the author used Roman words in italics throughout the entire text which gave it a nice touch.

The only area that had any mild profanity began in chapter 14 and was very brief. There are things that people should be aware of prior to reading in that there is a loss of a child to violence which might be triggering for some people depending on their past.

There was quite a bit of spirituality and Christian themes in this book as it delves into how the Romans dealt with the growing influence of the new religion at the time, Christianity. It didn’t feel heavy-handed in any way but it was definitely a deep dive into the beliefs of Christians and Christian teaching. I felt like the main way that this was used though was as a means of transformation in terms of character for amora and her family as they battled through deep wounds and bitterness. I really liked the prologue as the author explained the reasoning behind the writing of the story and why so much of his themes would center on forgiveness, bitterness, and love conquering all through christianity. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars, and that was just because there were some parts that didn’t flow as well as they might have. All in all though a really enjoyable read.”

4 out of 5 stars
by Jessica Young 24

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