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Amora - historical novel

“immensely moving story about love and forgiveness”

"Amora by Grant Hallstrom is an immensely moving story about love and forgiveness. Where does peace come from when your world is ripped apart? This is a remarkable peek into attempts of living a Christian life under the Roman Catholic Empire, and also one of the most...

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“captivating and thought-provoking novel”

"Amora by Grant Hallstrom is a captivating and thought-provoking novel that takes readers on an enthralling journey, blending historical fiction with elements of the Christian faith. With its intricate plot and vivid descriptions, the book offers a unique reading...

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“a beacon of compassion and equality”

"'Amora' by Grant J. Hallstrom is a historical fiction novel that follows the life of Amora, showcasing her unwavering faith in God and its transformative impact on those around her. The narrative begins with the splendid union of Amora and Leo, both hailing from...

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Amora novel
Award-winning Novel

Amora will draw you into the world of ancient Rome. The author weaves a well-crafted and deeply researched historical fiction based on a true story that will captivate the reader’s attention from the start. The book is filled with non-stop action and suspense, so you are never sure what’s about to happen on the next page. This superbly written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn characters and settings will have you turning pages from beginning to end. Skillfully constructed, cinematic in presentation and deeply inspiring, this thought-provoking book makes a solid impact.

Amora is ultimately a story about love, family, friendships, faith, trials and forgiveness.

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